Historically, Google communicates the quality of its results, their relevance, the quality of the user experience which will use its search engine.Overall, Google is not probably wrong. Its search engine is pretty good and we often find what we are looking for first page. But when you dig a little.I sometimes analysis the results of the first page, I sometimes find most surprising results, and in this case I say to myself, "Is it the useful results for a users?"

Rather than a long speech, I instead to show you examples.

I have French client When I type "pajamas baby" and I view the second page, here are the results ( I had some changed last Saturday ). So of course I'm happy for my client (although I'd rather largely a response on the first page), but I wonder how the offering 5 results from the same site is very useful for the user?
It would have seemed more appropriate to display only the page under the heading "pajamas" on site, and provide other responses from other sites that the user can make them choice.

Google knows how its influence is strong for the common man. For our parents, if it is written in Google, users can easily trust on it. We know that users attach great importance to the first results of Google.
And of course the first page of results, you simply trust on those websites where you have to courage to give your credit card number. Moreover, it is impossible to find a single site offering a physical address or conditions of sale.

After that, ordinary users should have trust in Google results?

Unnecessarily Results
We know, Google invites us, through its webmaster guidelines to use the robots.txt file to indicate that we do not want some of our pages to be crawled. Logic! If we do not want our pages are visited by Google's robots.
Well Google cares badly. I'm quite surprised to hear a speech tirelessly on the quality of the results when I see practices implemented then.

 In conclusion,

No doubt. But look much, there are still millions (billions?) Of these exceptions in the search results of Google. If this engine has made great progress since its creation, we realize that the road ahead is still very long before reaching excellence.
For SEOs, the gap between the recommendations provided by Google and the actual results observed was skeptical enough to leave. It describes, I think, pretty much the strong difference between the speech and the findings that we do every day.

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