Webmaster do a few SEO problem-mistake in that you should always avoid. Here is a simple to follow all guidelines which bring your page rank in search result. Always solve this common seo mistake for getting best result of your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results.

SEO Problems

Targeting the bad keywords

You should  choose the keywords very carefully which you are posting on your website. For Example if you are starting a new website for your local business about hair loss, you should not aim to be go first to the "health" keywords. The "Health" keyword is simply too general category and there are already manly old and good optimize website that will always go ahead of you in the any search result. So Find your own niche (your own topic keywords) and then optimize your website for that.

Meta Tag Duplication

This is the one of the biggest common mistake among all web designers. Most of website owner only copy and paste other website meta tag to his site. but meta tag should be unique, original and meaningful for every separate page. The Page Title, Meta description and it's keywords should be different for each and every single post if they are same meta tag use then search engine consider them as a duplicate content and give your article's away from search engine. for creating unique and meaningful meta tag you can use this Meta tag Generator tool also.

Count your Title and description before posting

When you set a title for website, One thing in mind that it should be a meaningful and only relative to the posted content and also check your post title under the 66 character words and description of 145 character only. for that you can use Character Counter Tool also..

Missing "alt" tag in the code of images

As per Google new algorithm, search engines can not scan what is shown on image. Then can not understand it's photo of a car or a pets. The only way they receive this information through images name, its title name and 'alt' tag. So Make sure when you post any images to your blog or website give it a relevant and suitalbe title and alt tag for every single image. Always Use Meaningful name rather then using image.1.jpg, dsc_0004556.jpg etc. So use
title and alt tag relevant so that's way your images included in search result when someone are searching for any images in google. 

Not Offer links on your website for earning money

Many people just create own websites only for optimize them and after that sell links on their website pages and that's way doing mistake of seo .Lately search engines and Mr.Google started to penalize this type of website. You should always mind that only exchange links with same niche websites and  really related to the topic of your website. Avoid using any "spam" other bad techniques to improve the ranking of your pages.

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Website Designing Services in India said... 02/01/2013, 03:30

Good Post, there are some common mistakes that many newbies entering to the field even sometimes experienced webmaster commit.
And finally find themselves doing some silly things when they try and discover the things going wrong.
Thanks for the share