High PR Directories listHere a list of free directory submission sites with high pr which help you to get better rank in google search result because its very high page rank directory list. Our free directory submission list is contains high page rank and quality directories. this is best tools for who want good result on his site and better for high rank. So Use below list free directory submission sites, free web directory submission sites list with HIgh PR of 2012-2013 year. 

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URL PRPrice optionsPublished time
dmoz.org8freemore than 6 month
dir.yahoo.com 7freemore than 6 month
joeant.com 6$39.992 days
operationuplink.org   6free -$9.91 day for paid
botw.org     6$149.95 1year2 days
linkscraze.com  6$242 days
dirscorpio.com6$282 days
linkspocket.com 6$282 days
dirvista.com 6$274 days
aussi.org 6$352 days
smsweb.org 6free-$69.902 days for paid
aaaagencysearch.com 6free -$9.52 days for paid
abilogic.com 5$152 days for paid
arakne-links.com5free4 month
cyberteddy500.com5$82 days for paid
directoryworld.net  5$29.952 days for paid
theredtree.com5$82 days for paid
wateriskey.org5$5.991 day for paid
takrawworld.com5$5.992 days for paid
basinfutures.net 5$5.99 lifetime1 day for paid
skoobe.biz5free-$15.90 lifetime2 days for paid
hrwebdir.org4$9.952 days for paid
prolinkdirectory.com 4free-$193 days for paid
webdir.biz  4$172 days for paid
searchsight.com4free4 month
directoryvault.com4$3.9 lifetime2 days for paid
the-free-directory.co.uk4free-£102 days for paid
viesearch.com4free-$52 days for paid
1906quake.com4$52 days for paid
mygreencorner.com 4$192 days for paid
a-flat.org 4free-$2 liftime1 day for free
buysll.com4free-$2.982 days for paid
digabusiness.com 4free-$193-4 days for paid
askmatrix.com 4free-$5.993 days for paid
umoz.org4free-$5.99 1 year3 days for paid
cyborginfo.com 4$5.352days for paid
logo3w.com 4$14.95 lifetime1 week for paid
rdarestructuring.com 4$4.99 lifetime2 days for paid
allthelook.com4$10.951 week for paid
icfmt.org  4free3 weeks for free
fastlisting.org4free-$4.993 weeks for free
fastlisting.net  4free-$4.993 weeks for free
addaurl.co.in 4free-$4.993 weeks for free
addaurl.org 4free-$4.993 weeks for free
free-listing.org 4free-$4.993 weeks for free
listurl.co.in  4free-$4.993 weeks for free
bestdirectory.co.in 4free-$4.993 weeks for free
upmyfans.com 4$14.95 lifetime2 days
unscol.org4$14.95 lifetime2 days
ilwg.org4$14.95 lifetime2 days
delmarmol.com 4$4.992 days
koroglutv.com4$4.992 days
xennobb.com4$4.992 days
vcwdnet.com4$4.992 days
domaining.in4$7.992 days
indiangiftsbazar.com4free-$4.991.5 month for free
quber.org4$4.992 days
jacquelineklosek.com4free -$4.992 days for paid
diroo.org 4free -$1 lifetime 2 days for paid
alistsites.com 4$3.992 days
bygmagazine.com4$4.992 days
captusnetworks.com4$4.992 days
ctapda.com 3$42 days
bahiacar.com3free-$10 lifetime2 days for paid
piseries.com3free-$10.90 lifetime2 days for paid
classicdirectory.info3$152 days
alookwebdirectory.com3$4.992 days
gioponti.com3$53 days
nometrix.com3free1 day
directorydice.com3$12.95 lifetime3 days for paid
publimix.net 3$9.942 days
fxtwits.com 3free2 weeks
numero-projecta.com3$9.951 week
indexking.net3$5.992-3 days
zaaylo.co.uk 3$6.40 1 year2 - 5 days
474.sytes.net3$52 days
aogin2011.in3free-$4.991 day for paid
callbuster.net 3free-$42 days for paid
elitesitesdirectory.com 3free-$33 days for paid
tikifind.com3$72 days
grholds.com3$3.992 days
vzacc.org3$3.992 days
kiskanmakfilm.com3$3.992 days
m4project.org3$4.992 days
jtdalyart.com3$3.992 days
permacharge.com3$4.992 days
alive-directory.com3free1 day
italywebdirectory.net2$42 days
savps.com 2free1 day
yellownumber.com2$82 days
dmoz4u.com2$2.992-3 days
fourseek.com2$9.953-4 days
addgoodsites.com2free1 day
a3place.com2free1 day
ebglive.com2$52 days
interesting-dir.com2free1 day
jayde.com2free2 month
bing-directory.com1free1 day
upsdirectory.com1free1 day

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thanks for visit this site and comment.....hope you comeback this site soon.....

Kartik Shah said... 30/11/2012, 03:04

thanks for visit this site and comment.....hope you comeback this site soon.....

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