Pagerank 2013 update scheduleSo, As per expected Google has update his page rank on November 2012 and here a list of next page rank update For 2013 schedule.

Google has updates his page-rank on 2012 on May 2012, August 2012 and now November 2012 means Google is rolling out these updates quarterly. Page rank will not work on a website which is copy and paste based job doing because Mr. Google will watching all the sites and his post. 

 Next google pagerank update schedule for the year of 2013

  • 1st Update may me on January 28 to February 6
  • 2nd update may be on June 27 to July 7
  • 3rd Update may be on September 29 to 4 October
  • 4th Update may be on 24 December to 29 december
I hope you will get good rank in next Page rank update from Google.....

you can check your  Page Rank  here

You have some question in mind below : 

Why your Pagerank not increase ? 

 Are finding this question of your page rank not increasing ? why ? if yes then donot frustrated and start basic of google. Pagerank are not getting rank from incoming link. It's a automatic system which are depend on quality link point to your main domain.

How can I Increase My Page Rank 

All People know that PR depends of getting thousand of Backlinks from same niche website and blogs. Every Single backlink will change your rank from 0 to 3 or 4. So do the Guest Post with other site of same niche this is a good way to increase page rank. You can also submit your website to Free article directory submission site and Free classified websites which bring you a lot of visitor and backlink from that site.

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