find free photos for blogFinding free photos to use on your blog that are not a very hard task or challenging one. Here I am providing a Five best finding website which are offering a free photos that blogger can download to use to their blog. But Make sure you must have check to copyright on any photos before use.
Some of free photos on below site which you can use simply provide some attribution link of it's author to their blog. Just download the images from that site and giving his credit link for using this free photo for your blog.
Always Follow the copyright teams and creative commons licensing rules before you any photo to your blog.

Stock Exchange

Stock Xchange is a best way to finding and searching  free photos to use on your blogger blog. In this site you can view many photos are different restrictions, so be sure to first check the all the copyright information and attribution before using a photo to your website or blog. 

Flickr popularity is a increasing day by day. To find free photos for your blog that are available in this site, just searching your keyword using creative commons license. This site want link back to your photo to source. 

MorgueFile has a very large number selection of free photos that will you can use on your blog. basically, you'll need to ask for permission for photo copying and link back from your blog post to the source.

FreeFoto website offers over 150,000 free photos which  you can use on your blog. Typically, you'll have to provide attribution and link back to the source. In this site Most photos include a small watermark below the photo where you see "" which is fairly unobtrusive.  

Picapp offers blogspot user to free access and use of high-resolution images. first you read the terms and condition before using photo to your blog.

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