Alexa Widget for blogger-website
Why you want to add or install Alexa widget to your blog and website ? because Alexa is a Leading web information providing company at the moment. It will give a ranking of websites/blog. Alexa is popular among bloggers blog and webmasters and it give the ranking of blog/website for free. So that means lower the Alexa rank the more popular your website/blog is on the web. 

Whenever a any webpage or blog check by  Alexa rank, it shows the number of page views and visitors,rank of country.these are calculated on every 3 month. One of the best ways to increase your Alexa rank by adding Alexa widget on blog or website. Today, I will learn about how to add Alexa widget to your blogger blog and website with help of video tutorial. 

If you find problem to adding this widget to your blog or website just comment below i will help you in this matter.

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