Location Tracking Means When your open any website or blog will track your current location.Google Brower, Chrome will be collect and storing all about you and your location ip. Google's Geo location Feature allows all website to collect his personal information about were you are clicking and everything. This feature are working on by default setting on Google chrome. so if you don't want to share your location and keep you privacy you must disable this feature.

How to Disable or turn of location tracking on chrome ?

Read this video 

if do not want to share your location and keep your privacy then do the below steps..
  • Click on Google chrome setting button
  • Click on Privacy menu. you find out the under the hood menu content setting...
  • Press click on  "content setting" option
  • Your brower open a small pop windows
  • just search a word location
  • and click on "Do not allow any to track my physical location" and save.
after doing above step your location can't find other people. That's the easiest way you can keep and disable your geolocation in google chrome. 
Note :Although this method you can prevent websites from knowing your physical location, but  Google still collects and stores your personal information about your location.

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