Hide or remove +1 button from Adsense ads how ? Google has Now started showing +1 social button on every adsense ads. Well this will sometimes looks nice but some time people find this little irritating so google adsense team now made it a opt out feature so you can now remove google +1 button from adsense ad anytime. 

How to Hide or Remove +1 button from adsense ad ?

this is very simple option can turn down from adsense account so here I learn you to step by step opt out from +1 button to your google adsense.
Hide +1 button on adsense

Learn from below video

  • Login your Adsense Account
  • go to Allow & Block ads menu
  • Choose Blocking Options
  • where you find Advance Setting Just disable the feature of last line called "social Ads Preference" which i prescribed in above images.

Now your adsense ad not showing any +1 button

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