If you are using blogger platform and want to Insert HTML code to your blog post as a text then you are facing many problem. Some time ago when i was try to publish a blog post regarding html code that give a particular result. But when i trid to put that code in my post it was showing the result so this formula i am sharing with you here.

How to Include HTML code to your blog post ?

Now I am sharing the HTML source code for making below box with you. so what you have to do now ? just copy the html code showing in the box below and use it to your blog post whenever you need to show something separtely. Here is a example, You can edit text and increase and descrease it's widgth and lenth also. 

How to Use this  code ?

  1. Copy above box code 
  2. Open Blogger.com and create new post and go to html 
  3. paste your code there 
  4. and change your text whichever you like
see the preview of your post ........

I believe this information mention in this post are helpful to you......if you find and difficulty just ask comment below. 

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