Here are 10 great tips to help you achieve higher traffic numbers to your blog. All of the tips can be used to gain new unique visitors, and if your blog posts are good and useful enough then you can turn these visitors into hardcore loyal viewers. Make sure you have an RSS feed so that they may become loyal viewers more easily. You could also remind people that they can “favorite” you too, so that they have your blog’s URL saved for later.

1 - Affiliate advertising buys you new views

This is true because it is the whole point of affiliate advertising. New views are assured because it is unlikely that your adverts will appeal to people who are already your loyal viewers. Affiliate adverts are there to create curiosity, which is unlikely to manifest in people who are already your loyal blog readers.

2 - Guest Post on another person’s blog

You will need to seek their approval to be able to guest post, but if you do, you will be able to show the online community how good your blog posts are and why they should visit your blog. You should pick other blogs that are related to your own, as they will be more likely to be attended by your target audience.

3 - Promote it via social media repeatedly

Do this every time you post a new blog post. You should also consider adding a preview of next week’s blog post, or a snippet of this week’s blog post. You could be clever and start a discussion about your blogs topic on social media, and then once you have ensnared enough people into the conversation you can link them to your blog post to read more about how you feel on the subject.

4 - Picture and text link from other blogs

Regular text links are okay but they are not nearly as appealing as a link with an image attached. Use a picture link to acquire their curiosity, and then a textual link underneath the add fuel to the fire. The textual link also has SEO benefits that the picture link does not. This way you gain the added SEO benefit and direct traffic too.

5 - Run an organic Google SEO campaign

This is a little bit of a no-brainer. Your blog should be search engine optimized and you should try to get it ranked as highly on the search engine results as possible.

6 - Post on a regular routine basis

This benefits your current viewers because they can get into a routine of visiting your blog posts. It also has distinct SEO benefits that you cannot ignore.

7 - Target certain keywords on every blog post

Do not use the same keywords on every blog post. Pick a few keywords and then target them exclusively on your next blog post. This will optimize each blog post so that it appeals to another section of your target audience. One blog post may attract one section, where another attracts a different target section. This way you increase the chances of unique visitors, instead of gaining the same visitors each week, whom thereafter decide not to attend on a regular basis.

8 - Consider using link bait to gain links

Link bait is hard to create, but seeing as you are tasked with creating a new blog post every week/fortnight/month, it is hardly a massive leap away from the norm. Look up the rules on link bait and have a try at creating it for your next blog post. If you find that lots (or even some) of people link to you then consider creating link bait more often.

9 - Add articles and links to other domains

Articles are still a time-tested way of increasing your search engine results page ranking. You can add a link to each article and point it at your blog. If you make your articles related to your blog posts then you are likely to gain more traffic.

10 - Answer questions in Yahoo Answer forum

Yahoo Answers! Is not an original website but has been done so well that is it almost an entity in itself, which is why it warrants inclusion on this list. If your answer is good enough and is chosen, then your link becomes active, the SEO benefits, and direct traffic benefits will therefore manifest.

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Nice tips Kartik. Really a goon n useful post. Thanks for sharing.

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Parwinder Singh Bhangu said... 07/02/2013, 07:30

Really helpful. Good work bro. Thanks for this awesome information. I will use it for my website HiFiFun.Com Free Recharge Tricks!

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