Recent Comment Widget
With the Help of Blogger now you can add simple recent comment widget for blogger easily with one click. This Recent comment widget will display a recent blog comment on your sidebar and showing a snippet of comment. This is the best way to encourage your readers in leaving comment to your blog.
Here I am giving exclusive widget for blogger recent comment. Just follow this steps : 

Go to your blog, and click on “Layout” tab.
Choose the place where you want to put the recent comments widget, and click “Add a Gadget”.

Select the “Feed” element, and click “Add to blog”.
Blogger Feed Widget

The next thing is to do add the feed’s URL, in this case is the one that has the comments of our own blog. This address is like this:

(Note : Change your blog address with your blog name)

The next step is to configure widget:

Title: You can add your own title like recent comment.
Number of items: in this space write how many comment want to show.
Item date: Enable show comment’s date.
Item sources/authors: show comment’s author name.

Save the changes and that’s it.

This will be enough to show the recent comment of your blog.

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