Adding a favicon to your blog is showing your individuality. The favicon of a website or blog makes work as a your photo in your ID card. in the same way, favicon helping people to show his identity about blog and website. Through, favicon a person recognizes your blog and remembers it with its unique design. Therefore, today in this article, we will show you about How to Add a Favicon in Your Blogger Blog? 

First you have to create favicon images for your blog or website, it is require that you have a particular favicon image. for creating favicon images You can also hire graphic designers to develop one best logo for you. However, if you know about designing skills then you can create it through Adobe Photoshop or illustrator for without spending a single penny over hiring designers.

If you know about how to design logo then open your image in your designing software like Photoshop, and resize its dimensions to 16 x 16px. Save the file in png extension, but if your platform does not support png image extension then, convert it to .ico format. Note: By default, Now blogger automatically converts your png image into ico format, so it means there is no need to change the extension of your image on your own.

When your favicon logo for your blog or website ready, just go to >> sign in with your username and password >> go to your site >> Layout >> Favicon >> Edit. Now a new window will pop out asking you to upload your favicon image. After selecting the your logo, press the save button. Note: Your image not greater than 100KB otherwise it would display errors. 

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