I've found that SEO training tutorial videos on Facebook page. They split such engine optimisation tutorial as many parts with categories and subcategories. that's not black hat SEO, in that page only offer legal white hat SEO training tutorials. Follow this tutorial is to get a high rank for your website in natural way. But you can't get the rank in short period like black hat methods. Black hat methods are the legal things tricks can offer higher rank in short period. But that rank is not stable, Google and other search engines can ban your website at any time. This is the reason why I agree that white hat search engine optimization. If you do black hat that gives the result for three or four months only. If you do white hat that gives the result for lifetime. These are the difference between white hat and black hat.
Please do white hat SEO to want to run your website without any problems. Just follow the tutorials daily updated on this page to you become a best SEO analyst. That page daily updated by a best SEO Trainer who has six years of experience in search engine optimization. That person also provide search engine optimization service for a lot of websites. You can also do this such engine optimization as your business in future. Because large number of companies want a SEO developer for their websites. This is the one and one opportunity to learn the search engine optimization for free of cost. No one provide these type of training videos for free. All the trainers are needed huge amount of money for teach this tutorials. Please you these opportunity to improve your knowledge in SEO.

Just visit below the link and click the like and subscribe buttons to get free SEO training in that Facebook page. I also subscribe that tutorials for free via clicking that buttons. And share this Page with your friends who need to get a training for SEO.

Free Seo Training Page Link : https://www.facebook.com/WhiteHatSeoTraining

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Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next post. Seo Service