Add StumbleUpon button on blogger
As you know StumbleUpon is a best social networking website which are always helping visitors to discover and share their websites with others with same niche topic. By Adding StumbleUpon Social button to your blog also help you to gain higher number of visitors to your blog and also helps on your seo.Here are quick steps on how to add a StumbleUpon button to your website.


Add a StumbleUpon Button to blogger

Check out this video tutorial..

Step : 1
Visit the Stumbleupon website to select a badge
Go to StumbleUpon button /badge
StumbleUpon badge link
There are several types badge design with stumbleupon logo and visitor counter select the badge design which you like and clicking on it.
Create StumbleUpon Button
after select any stumbleupon button design you will see the one code in grab your badge code section select that all code and copy that code by pressing ctrl + C button from your keyboard

Now come on to Blogger Dashboard
and select "layout"
Select the place where you want to appear your stumble upon button
Click on add a gadget >>html/javascript
now paste it code which you are copy  earlier in to that html/javascript by pressing ctrl+V from your keyboard. 
Paste StumbleUpon Code on blogger

Save your blogger templates..
That's It.


 I hope by adding StumbleUpon button  you will receive more traffic to your blog. 

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